Wonder Park Stuffies and Coaster Cars

This post is in partnership with Funrise Toys. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% true.

Wonder Park. Have you seen this incredible new movie yet? What a great movie for kids of all ages and thanks to Funrise Toys, your little ones can carry the Wonder Park mascot (Boomer) or, the scented wonder chimp stuffies wherever they are.  These Plush stuffed toys are a total hit in my house keeping my youngest girls competing for them the whole day long. When Hanna does finally relent, she has no problems getting totally engaged with the Wonder Chimp Coaster Cars.If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this incredible new movie, here’s the skinny of it. The park is made up of a young girl’s imagination called Wonderland. The park is full of amazing rides but is also in quite a state of disarray. The girl finds out that the only way to fix the park and keep it alive is through her imagination. You can see the rest when you watch the movie with your little ones. My girls not only love the movie, they love the Coaster Cars and the Wonder Park Stuffies too.I was fortunate enough to receive the mascot (Boomer), one of the Scented Wonder Chimps and 3 of the Coaster Cars. Let’s get ready to snuggle and play hard with these fantastic plush stuffies and crazy fun Coaster Cars. Wondering what the Scented Wonder Chimps smell like? Let’s talk Cotton Candy! Trust me, such an inviting and snuggly smell perfect for any and all of your little ones.

Boomer the Mascot:

The happiest of Wonderland’s mascots, this super soft
Boomer is ready for a big bear hug! Take Boomer along
for a wondrous adventure or when you hibernate at

ages 3+

msrp: $19.99

available at: : Walmart and Toys”R”Us Canada

Wonder Chimps Coaster Cars:

The Wonder Chimps are the official souvenir of
Wonderland! With 30 different Wonder Chimps to
collect in Series 1, 2 and 3, each Wonder Chimp comes
hidden and can ride in its very own free-rolling
Coaster Car. Each Series means new Wonder Chimps
and a new Coaster Car color! Connect the Coaster Cars
for even more fun!

ages: 3+

msrp: $3.99 each

available at: Toys”R”Us Canada and Home Hardware

Scented Wonder Chimp:

The Wonder Chimps are the official souvenir of
Wonderland! Now you can take home one of these
big, soft and huggable Wonder Chimps that smell
like cotton candy just like in the movie!

ages: 3+

msrp: $19.99

available at: : Walmart and Toys”R”Us Canada

What a great way to keep you little ones engaged or to keep them comforted. I know that my little girls haven’t been able to let these amazing Wonder Park Stuffies out of their grasp for very long at all. Hanna is in love with the Coaster Cars and quite often I will find her at the table playing quietly by herself as opposed to watching things on the television or the ipad. What great fun for me as a dad and for my girls. If you haven’t yet seen the movie, I highly recommend a trip to the theatre or better yet, buy the dvd. Well worth it and your kids will soon be having the movie as background noise as they sit and play with the Coaster Cars or at the very least, be snuggled right up with Boomer or one of the Scented Wonder Chimps.

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