Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Snow Day

The past two weeks we have multiple snow days where the kids are home due to extreme cold weather and school buses being canceled. We walk to school so although my kids don’t take a bus if it’s too cold for kids to be outside waiting for buses it’s too cold for us to make the 15 minute walk to the school (it takes 15 minutes because Justin’s little legs, but usually its about 10 minutes for the other kids! and it still too cold) Don’t panic if you are getting a few snow days because I’m here with Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Snow Day!

The snow is nothing we aren’t used to here in Canada, but these freezing cold temps are a bit unusual to us as a family as we aren’t used to the temps being -30, -40 with windchill like we have been getting here. We are used to it being cold, but a little warmer than it has been so these snow days are newer to us but we welcome them. We don’t want our kids outside in these freezing cold temps if they don’t have to be. So, we’ve been pretty thankful for the bus cancelations. Here’s what we do to keep the kiddos busy and entertained on Snow Days!

Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Snow Day

  • Shovel Help: Get the kids to help out shoveling. You’d be surprised at how quick the younger ones love to jump up and help! Burns some energy and gives them something to do!
  • Movies and Popcorn: We watch movies as a family and have fun snacks. Generally, we do a movie that the younger kids want to keep them busy and then we will do one for the older kids after!
  • Build Snowmen: If it isn’t too cold at some point during the day we venture to the backyard to build snowmen! Usually, though this doesn’t happen as it stays cold the whole day, we watch the weather just in case!
  • Board Games: We have quite a collection of board games so during snow days we like to take turns playing different games together!
  • Painting: My kids LOVE painting. Keeping some paint and extra papers and canvas available for painting if they’d like to makes the day go by a lot quicker!
  • Crafts: We generally have a lot of items on hand that the kids can do crafts with. Pom poms, pipe cleaners, glue sticks, popsicle sticks etc – this gives them lots to do and be creative!
  • Chores: We have plenty to do around the house so once kids complain they are bored we offer up some chores they can do to help the day go by a little quicker!
  • Read: With plenty of books to read or crossword puzzles to do, reading is always an option and a favorite among our little ones!
  • Make Cookies: We bake cookies or other fun treats! Our kids love being in the kitchen so making their own treats they can indulge in throughout the day gives them great satisfaction!

It’s really easy for kids to be bored on snow days. It’s also really rare that they complain they are having a snow day unless they get TOO bored. I always try to make sure there is plenty to do and if they have done it all – they can help me with any housework or baking that needs to be done for the day, or to freeze for a later date!

Hopefully, this will help if you have any snow days coming up!

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