Valentine’s Day FREE Pencil Printable Cards

Wow! That holiday season was a blur. Believe it or not, though, my younger kids, especially Jackson and Justin, are serious Valentine’s Day fans. This Valentine’s Day, they are celebrating with these adorable Valentine’s Day pencil printables. With so much candy and sweets from the holiday season, giving a non-sweet treat is a fantastic idea and something from the heart is always more appreciated.It’s a hard time breaking away from the traditional Valentine’s Day card and some tidbit of chocolate from other classmates, but these Valentine’s Day Pencil Printables are a solid and thoughtful alternative. You can find this free printable here.

The tools needed:

  • Valentine’s decorated pencils
  • Exacto knife
  • This Free Printable
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors

This is such a great idea for your kids to get involved in and give you a hand making these. Simply print out as many as you need and cut to size. A small cut at the top and the bottom of the printable and you are good to push the pencil through. Nothing to it. The kids get to give a helping hand and it makes them feel like they just jumped over the moon. Well, my kids anyways.We used to use the generic valentine’s cards that you can easily pick up at the dollar store, but that leaves no room for what you want your valentine’s card to say. They are all the same, all generic and kinda boring. It’s nice to get something that has some thought put into it and I know it’s much more fun to give something that you have put some thought and heart into. What are your favorite Valentine’s Day ideas?

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