Tips for Dealing with a Family Cold

It’s a given that with so many kids we are going to have sickness spreading through the house. It’s true when one gets sick it seems we all do. Do you know how much fun it is having a house with 10 people all sick at the same time? It’s so much fun I decided to write a post about it!

For us having so many kids when one kid gets it, the others are quick to follow making it difficult to get out of the house and generally, mom and dad end up with it too before it completely leaves the house. Over the last three months, it seems every two-three weeks there is some sort of cold bug in our house. I will knock on wood though and say we are so lucky in the sickness department. My kids have rarely seen a doctor and we’ve had to deal with actual vomit maybe 4x in the last 5/6 years. It’s very random for us, we usually have colds and fevers then it stops there. I contribute this to a great diet, plenty of water and lots of sleep. My kid’s routines and schedules are no joke, and we are kind of mean parents when it comes to meals. My kids eat full dinner nightly that is healthy and hearty, and we make sure they get plenty of water and all the sleep they need. Sometimes the sleep thing can be a struggle after holidays or long weekends, but a routine is key here.

Tips for Dealing with a Family Wide Cold

  • Keep lots of tissues on hand: We have multiple boxes stored in the closet because you will need plenty when someone gets the sniffles. Keeping tissue/kleenex on hand will help kids from the gross wiping on their shirts, or sneezing into their arm – with tissues at arms reach it helps eliminate those gross germs quickly and effectively.
  • Healthy foods: Ever heard the saying, “Starve a fever feed a cold?” if my kids are fever free but have a cold I make sure they are eating healthy immune boosting foods. Broth, soups, anything with ginger, garlic. etc
  • Wash hands often: I’ve always been a crazy hand washer. As a kid, I’d go wash my hands every few minutes, and as an adult, I do it quite often as well. When the kids are sick I make them do it often and make sure I do as well.
  • Hand sanitizer: I keep this on hand too. After kids wash their hands I make them use a little squirt. A little overboard? Maybe, but it’s helped the last few times colds were in the house keep a few of the kids safe from infection!
  • Disinfect: When the kids have colds I am forever disinfecting surfaces, door knobs and just about everything they touch!
  • Air out the house: I often open up a few windows when the kids are sick. Letting in the cooler air and airing out the house of yucky germs helps and it’s also refreshing and helps the stuffy noses and kids feel better as a whole.
  • Quarantine: Yep, I’ve done it. If it’s a bad cold or virus and only one or two kids get it they get to hang out in their rooms watch tv, be waited on and just enjoy relaxing because sometimes I just don’t want to deal with a week or two of sickness and this helps a lot.
  • Vitamins: Making sure the kids are getting their vitamins daily won’t really help the cold but could help combat them during cold and flu season. Making sure they keep it up during a cold is important.
  • Medicine: If all else fails medicine. Children under 9 I don’t give anything but Tylenol. However, if the older ones are having a rough time I will find a good cold medicine to give them generally one dose of. If they have a fever though, we wait out as much as we can and if things don’t look great I’ll give them some advil. Generally, meds are given as a last resort though.

Letting our kid’s bodies fight off whatever they are dealing with is important for the immune system. If they get a fever it just means their body is working overtime to combat whatever it is, so I wait a little bit but then generally treat. Colds don’t last often in our house, I find when I get a cold it lasts the longest. So, it’s important we do everything we can when the house gets hit.

I for one cannot wait for cold season to be gone. I’m so over runny noses, coughs and sinuses headaches. Hurry up spring!

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