The Ultimate No Candy Easter Basket for Preteen Girls

This post is in partnership with Fujifilm and Mattel. All opinions are mine and 100% true.

Chocolate, candies, teeth rotting goodies that so many of us have just become accustomed to shelling out to our kids for Easter. Gone are the days of giving a useful item or items, something that will engage our kids, create memories and quite frankly, keep them all away from that darned dentist’s chair. I’m generally not late for anything, ever. Always early by fifteen minutes or so but, this year I was tasked with creating for my preteen girls, The Ultimate No Candy Easter Basket. Wouldn’t you know it? I forgot. So for the rest of you forgetful or mind changing friends, join me in this No Candy Easter Basket Creation.

We all know by now that I have 8 kids and they all come fully equipped with different personalities, likes, dislikes and a general lack of enthusiasm for congregating together unless its dinner for any sort of entertainment. So this year, we tried something a little different. Family orientated card games and the most amazing Instax cameras. There is nothing like having my older kids playing and laughing around the table and creating some amazing memories with pictures. It’s not often that my kids get excited for an Easter basket that lacks in the sugary sweet stuff, but somehow, this basket seems to get them all in a happy place and wanting to interact with each other for more than just a few minutes while they scarf down their dinners.

This year I was blessed with receiving the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera as well as Mattel’s Uno, Dos and Skip Bo playing cards to fill our girls baskets with. Talk about the Ultimate No Candy Easter Basket right? Not only are they able to have hours of fun competing against each other with the biggest of grins, a belly full of laughter not candy and pictures that will last a lifetime as a memory not a cavity or an extra pound or two. I remember fighting like cats and dogs with my siblings while growing up and, I also remember the first time I was introduced to the world of Uno. Ah, those were the days and now they have Dos and Skip Bo too? Things just got a whole lot better. As competitive as the girls are, these games sure bring out the best in them.

 Fujifilm Instax Mini 9:

 This camera does it all. You can take selfies, close-ups, adjust the lighting and all. The picture cartridge gives you ten photos which I must say turn out beautifully and the camera itself is easy to use with a multitude of colours to choose from as well. Makes for a perfect gift for any one.
available here

Mattel Uno:

Just as I remember the game, you have to reach 500 points to win. You earn points from your opponents by going out first. 108 card deck 8 cards being wild, this game is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the entire family. Don’t forget to yell Uno when you are down to your last card.

available here

Mattel Dos:

Play as individuals or as partners, the goal is to reach 200 points and earn your points by matching colours and going out first. More hours of fun for any occasion for the whole family. When you’re down to your last two cards, don’t forget to yell Dos!

available here

Mattel Skip Bo:

This is the ultimate sequencing game. The game comes with a 162 card deck and instructions too. The idea is to use skill and strategy to create sequencing numbers like 5,6,7 and such.Coming with Skip Bo wild cards to make the game even more intense and interesting, the goal is to use up your stockpile of cards to win the game.

available here

This is by far one of the best Ultimate No Candy Easter Baskets that I could ever want for my pre teens. I know that they will get hours of fun from the playing cards and a lifetime of memories from the Instax Mini 9. Happy Easter my friends. May you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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