Streaming: 6 Devices to Make Streaming Easier

Streaming: 6 devices to Make Streaming Easier.
Around my house, there are so many different preferences for what’s on the screen it sometimes gets a little crazy. With the ever rising cost of cable and its somewhat redundant reruns and such, we ditched our cable provider for some smart t.v.’s and different types of Streaming devices as well. With 8 kids, having options is a no brainer and alas, lots of different devices.For the younger kids, it’s a Roku Streaming stick. Roku is perfect for Jackson, Justin and Hanna as they all generally share the same interest in the shows that they are allowed to watch during their allotted screen time. Luckily for us, Jackson has a very giving personality or Hanna is just to plain cute, but the shows usually range from Wild Kratts to Paw Patrol so J and I are cool with that. There is a parental control for the Roku which is very handy for making sure the kids are watching only what they should be watching and erasing a channel or finding one is at the click of a button. You can also download the app for using your smartphone as a remote for the added convenience.

Amazon Fire Stick:

The older kids get their enjoyment out of the Amazon Fire Stick which for Kyla, Ava and Jayden, this works perfectly. If you have Amazon Prime, the amount of tv shows and movies that are available through Prime Tv are amazing. You can also add Netflix and other apps like that as well. Again, there is a parental lock which is perfect even at their age which is 12 – 10. For all the decent tv, there is just as much not so age appropriate tv as well. My kids are growing up fast enough, I don’t need senseless rubbish on a screen aide in influencing them either. The remote links to your tv which is most handy for both us and the kids.


The T95z is what we use in our living room. This Device can download multiple streaming platforms for whatever you desire. It comes loaded with the Kodi player which has a pretty much endless supply of repositories for both movies and tv. I have since added Netflix and Cyberflix to the roster and it works seamlessly and generally without a glitch. I love the ease and simplicity of use this box offers and with an external memory card slot, you can either stream what you want when you want or you can download it for a later date. It’s a great Device for all of our family movie nights or for when I want to just chill out in the afternoon with Hanna and Mia.Jynxbox:

This was the very first Streaming Device we ever purchased and what an amazing little box it is. Still working to this day, we have only had to update the system a handful of times over the years and it has worked and served its purpose beyond expectation. Again equipped with the Kodi player, the same additions have been added to the box (Netflix and Cyberflix) and we now keep it as a back up. Heavier than the other Streaming Devices, the Jynxbox is also the most durable and half the size of the t95z and our bedroom Device that I will touch on in just a sec. I have dropped this box more than once and it has survived like a champ. Dropping the other boxes on the other hand would scare me so much more.


This Streaming Device we use in our bedroom for when/ if we get quiet time and just want to chill out and watch a movie or like me, fall asleep during such said movie. This Device has been a little more trying than that of any of the other devices we own. I have had to factory reset the Device a few times now for no apparent reason that I can possibly figure out. It’s not really that big of a deal outside of the fact that re-adding the other streaming apps takes some valuable time away from my other daily duties. I have also noticed that it has an internal glitch that I for the life of me can’t figure out. The players themselves will randomly stop working mid stream as I don’t download anything for future watching. The oddest thing ever. I have never tried to find out if there is a parental control for this device as it is for J and I only. Still not a bad unit, I got it half price on a promotion so yeah, it does for sure.Smart Tv:

Need I say more? Most of us have one, if not, you are soon to have one as the price is on the same plateau as the regular tv’s I have found. Equipped with Roku, it boasts all the same benefits as the Roku Device and it is a great tv for our son Jayden’s room. The remote even comes with volume which I’m sure he enjoys later on in the evening when he is winding down from a full day as well.

That’s it my friends. All of these Streaming Devices are under $120 cdn and I know there are so many others out there that may or may not be better, have more options, or are simply cheaper but these are what we use and depend on and I recommend them to any and all who are looking to get out from that damned Cable bill and save some serious bucks.


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