Strawberry Kiwi Pops

This summer has been especially hot and the kids are all screaming daily now for Freezies, Popsicles, and quite frankly, anything that will cool them off and keep the sweltering heat away from them. I try to add a whole lot of healthy into what I create for the kids cause God only knows they get enough bad stuff from all the store bought junk we feed them. These Strawberry Kiwi Pops are a perfect example of healthy, flavour packed, frozen treats that not only keep the hotter than hell blues away, but fill my kids tummies full of yummy goodness.

Don’t get me wrong, we still let the kids have regular popsicles and freezies on occasion but for the better part, I prefer to make treats like these Strawberry Kiwi Pops for them more often than not. It’s funny that when the kids are boiling hot and in desperate need of something cold and tasty, their continuous food pickiness suddenly disappears and they will eat literally anything in front of them as long as it is frozen and looks like a popsicle. Ha ha, god bless frozen treats of all forms. These Strawberry Kiwi Pops a quite honestly the easiest frozen treat you can make for your kids and what the heck, yourself as well.My mold allows me to make ten of these at a time and I think the first batch may have lasted all of about five minutes because all I know is that I gave the little kids one each and returned them to the freezer and I swear it wasn’t even five minutes before I decided to grab one and you betcha. They were all gone. Mold left in the fridge empty and screaming to be refilled. And this guy’s belly? Craving one of these amazing and refreshing Strawberry Kiwi Pops.

Oh Make Me a Popsicle Needs:

  • 4 large washed and rough chopped strawberries
  • 4 peeled and rough chopped kiwis
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup Greek Plain yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla or other flavour like bubblegum

Popsicle Makin’:

  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine all ingredients less the fruit and mix for about 2 mins until well combined.
  2. Once your mixture is combined, add your fruit in and give it a good stir making sure that its an even mix.
  3. Using a bowl or your mixing bowl (provided it has a pouring spout), begin to fill your popsicle mold making sure to evenly distribute the fruit between the molds.
  4. Fill your molds until about 1/4 inch from the top and blast them in the freezer for about half an hour or so before adding in your sticks.
  5. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours or even better, overnight.
  6. Pop em out and start enjoying.

I’m not too sure how you like to spend your scorching hot days this summer but, they are a whole lot more tolerable and refreshing having a batch or two of these super simple and totally kid friendly Strawberry Kiwi Pops. In need of an incredible Popsicle Mold? Look no further than hereI hope the rest of your summer vacation is as refreshing and delightful as it can be.

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