Safer Bedrooms With Dreambaby + Giveaway

This post is in partnership with Dreambaby. All opinions as always are mine and 100% true.

Having 8 kids means having countless amounts of toys, stuffed animals and midnight rolls from active sleepers, lights left on because they’re scared of the dark and little fingers getting slammed in doors. We have five toy boxes, 3 hampers and two corners full of toys to accommodate the five youngest kids in our house. I know what you’re thinking, holy cow you need to downsize a bit don’t you think? I thought so at one point too but it’s the fact that they are bigger toys not little tiny toys. This Dreambaby Giveaway is for the Jumbo Toy Hammock and Savoy Bed Rail. Two products that will get incredible use in this house.

I was fortunate enough to receive from Dreambaby, the Savoy Bed Rail, the Jumbo Toy Hammock, the auto sensor LED night light and a two pack of door stoppers. I have to tell you, Hanna and Mia haven’t had a finger in the door incident in two weeks, Justin will stay in his room and sleep through the night with the night light as well as still be on his bed and not the floor because of the bed rail (don’t worry he wouldn’t go far away as his bed is on the floor!).

Did I mention I finally have most of my living room back now that the jumbo toy hammock is up and full of most of the stuffed animals? I sleep a little better at night knowing that my kiddos are not only sleeping safer, they are playing safer and cleanup time is a little more fun now that the hammock is full and those toys are not on the floor.

Savoy BedRail:

This is such a great product for Justin. Justin is such an active sleeper that he will literally roll out of his bunk, roll all across his floor and most times end up blocking the doorway! I set up the bedrail in under five minutes and had it ready to go within seconds of lifting the mattress. Suffice to say, he’s been on his bed every morning since the bedrail went up. This bedrail is great for his sleep area and I love the added ease of mind I get nightly while he sleeps.

available here

Jumbo Toy Hammock:

So having 4 kids under 10, you can imagine the amount of stuffed animals one would accumulate over the course of a year. It’s not like they can all be made to sit on a shelf and be kept well organized. No, they are far too soft and round for that. Enter the Jumbo toy hammock. Having one smaller play area in our living room for the little girls, they have a few select stuffed animals and toys to keep them occupied and after hanging the jumbo toy hammock, I threw about 10 or so stuffed animals up there which totally made a world of difference and also cut down our clean up time by minutes. Yes, minutes. With the exception of Hanna wanting to climb up in it and hang out, there is still plenty of room to spare and I’ll be filling it up more as time goes by.

available here

Auto sensor LED night light:

Justin is such a sensitive little guy, he scares easy and is just at that age where he’s finally learning the difference between fake and real. Sometimes however, the older kids will be watching things on youtube and such that Justin can’t tell the difference from. There have been times where he will adamantly yell to have the door left open and the lights turned on not just in his room but, in the hallway as well. I’ve bought tonnes of night lights in the past from bulb lights to other LED lights but in all the lights we’ve had here, this light shines so bright, he rarely even asks for the door to be left open anymore. The light itself swivels so no matter where I plug it in, Justin can always catch the light from it. More peace of mind for dad.

available here

Door Stopper 2 pack:

These cute looking foam doorstoppers have been a daddy’s dream. My youngest girls haven’t had a finger in the door accident since I put them on our two main doors on the main floor.Being totally removable and able to fasten to any door, I have one on the laundry room door as well as the boys bedroom door. There is ample room for fingers if they happen to be in the way of the door closing or a little one slamming the door. The door simply bounces off nice and quiet. These are so convenient and I wish I had them when my oldest was just a little one.

available here

All of these products are high quality and very durable. Perfect for our non stop family and life’s little mishaps that are bound to happen at some point. Now for the fun part, I am giving away both the Savoy BedRail as well as the Jumbo Toy Hammock so feel free to enter as often as you like.


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