Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot” Review


Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Really Rad Robots. As always, opinions are all mine.

I don’t know about you, but my boys are all a bunch of practical jokers these days. It must be the anticipation of going back to school, or the fact that they are going to a brand new school.

Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot” could not have come at a better time for Justin. This robot is fast becoming his new go-to toy and he is certainly the envy of his older brothers and sisters. Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot” will answer the questions that he asks, records his voice so he can play it back and also pulls a really cool prank on his siblings when he wants it to.

Justin is a super sensitive spirit and his fear of fitting into a new school environment with kids he doesn’t know yet are sure to be remedied with Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot”. This is such a great toy for any child aged 5 – 9 and it is sure to give any child or if you’re anything like me, hours and hours of enjoyment. I swear he hasn’t put the toy down since he opened it. I am okay with that!

This Yak Bot will be going to school with him on his first day at school with a really cool recorded message that by swiveling the top of the Yak Bot’s head will alter the pitch of his voice. Definitely a big bonus with the other kids in his class. Did I mention that it also warps the sound of your voice to 3 other types too? Seriously, not only does change the pitch, it also does a reverse, echo and robot effect as well. I gave it more than one go myself.

Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot”:

Product Includes: 1 x YAKBOT, 2 x AAA BATTERIES, 1 x IM
AGE: 5-9 years MSRP: $21.99 RETAIL AVAILABILITY: Toys ”R” Us and Walmart

Your back-chattin’ YakBot can:
– Record your voice
– Warp your voice (4 cool effects – Pitch Shift,
Reverse, Robot, Echo)
– Answer your questions
– Prank your friends

Oh yes my friends, This “Yak Bot” will answer your child’s questions at the push of a button and will also prank your friends too! It’s quite a solid toy that is meant to be rolled across the ground in prank mode to act as a little ticking time bomb. I swear it’s the coolest thing. Justin draws out his s’s when he speaks and even though, this Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot” seems to have no problems deciphering his words and answering his questions. You can find out everything you need here.(just a little preview of what your child’s Yak Bot function buttons look like)

I wake up insanely early every morning and the first thing I do is check on the kids. Justin is and has been found clutching his new little “Yak Bot” close to his chest and I haven’t seen him this excited for a new toy in quite some time. This, however, has created quite a ruckus with his little sister Hanna as she is totally mesmerized by his new found love. It’s quite a spectacle to see. For the functionality and fun that just 1 of my 8 kids are getting from this Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot”, I will soon be headed to the store to grab up a few more for the other kids too.(Justin’s must have picture, “Look, Dad, He’s talking to you”).

This “Yak Bot” is the perfect toy for any child 5 – 9 or just like me at 43.  Trust me, your kids will be fully engaged and giving you some well deserved me time with this Really Rad Robots “Yak Bot”.

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