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Recently I received some of the new How to Train Your Dragon toys from PlayMobil. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the trilogy of Dragon movies but, I watched all of them with my 3 youngest boys and it has been “Toothless” and “Hiccup” ever since. What a great series of movies and I have to tell you, the toys live right up to the movie as well. This PlayMobil Giveaway is for Toothless with Hiccup and baby dragon. Be sure to enter the PlayMobil Giveaway at the bottom of the post!

It’s a pretty amazing thing when I can have 3 of my youngest kids actually playing together without fighting or screaming at the tops of their lungs at each other. When the first two “How to Train Your Dragon” movies came out, my kids were very young and didn’t really understand the concept of fantasy and dragons yet. Once watching the movies and carefully putting together these incredible toys, the kids have and are having countless hours of fight free, rivalry free play. This rarely happens around these parts and I have to tell you, it’s a welcome relief.

I was fortunate enough to receive 4 different dragon toys from PlayMobil including Astrid and Hiccup with baby dragon, DeathGripper with Grimmel, Toothless with Hiccup and baby dragon and lastly, Fishlegs with flightsuit. I’m not gonna lie, I was barely able to take these out of the box without Jackson and Justin getting all up in there trying to put these together. These are by far the easiest toys that my kids have put together and it was a welcome relief for Justin’s little hands and his patience too.

Astrid and Hiccup with baby dragon:

Hiccup, Astrid and the baby dragon feast on the freshly caught fish they grilled over the campfire. While they are filling their tummies, the baby dragon takes advantage of it to steal one more fish, what a gourmand! Includes a campfire and sticks to grill the fish.

ages: 4+
msrp: $25.97

available here

Toothless with Hiccup and baby dragon:

Hiccup and Toothless begin a new adventure! The relationship between dragon and viking continues to grow. And happy times await the two friends. With flight suit for Hiccup. Toothless shoots arrows out of his mouth.

ages: 4+
msrp: $56.28

available here

DeathGripper with Grimmel:

The villainous DeathGripper dragon with Grimmel is a great toy to expand your imagination or to add to the other characters of the series. A great set to have your kids get engaged and interactive.

ages: 4+
msrp: $39.99

available here

Fishlegs with Flight suit:

This adorable Figurine comes with the flight suit and makes for a great addition for dragon playtime.

ages: 4+

available here

Nowadays around the house, whenever I put on any one of the Dragon movies, my kids drop what they are doing and run for the toys. My Daughter Hanna is all about the dragons too. She gets right in there with the boys and has a blast. It is such a welcoming change of pace having my children playing and using their imaginations instead of constantly being glued to a screen. Thanks Playmobil!

You can enter to win the Hiccup with toothless and baby dragon down below and Good Luck.


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