Our Dental Struggle

Last week Hanna had her first ever dentist appointment right before her 3rd birthday. We knew that there was some dental work that needed to be addressed but, what transpired during her first visit was jaw dropping and totally not what was expected at all. As it turns out, Our Dental Struggle has fast become a trip to the hospital for Hanna as she has to go under for the Dentist to complete all that needs to be done, all at once. Out of 20 teeth, Hanna has 17 teeth with some sort of issues. Welcome now to Our Dental Struggle.

Our Dental Struggle

I know what you  are all thinking. It’s atrocious and how could you let your child’s teeth get so bad? That was my first thought too until I did a little investigating and found out that on my side alone, my Grandma’s teeth were taken out when she was 28 due to rapid decay that was attributed to rickets when she was a youngster, my Grandpa’s teeth were all out by 40 due to calcium deficiencies. My mother recently told me when she found out about Hanna that when she was 7, she had 18 cavities and none was attributed to poor oral hygiene.

Granted that Hanna hates the toothbrush to begin with, her teeth get brushed twice a day come hell or high water and they will continue to be brushed in the same manner. Her Dental Struggle is real and she is not the only child that has these issues either. The other kids have had their share of Dental Struggles, just not to the degree of Hanna. The biggest fear of this parent is my kids being in pain and having to have Dental work done as it’s one of the scarier things to happen when we are young.

J’s mother had massive issues with her mouth as well and had her teeth out by the time she was 40 again due to a calcium deficiency and J now suffers that same fate as her mother and as Hanna is suffering to this day. J has great oral hygiene and brushes at least twice a day if not more and nothing seems to reverse or help her Dental Struggle and it seems the same with Hanna as it stands right now. The Dentist says to keep brushing, brushing , brushing.

It’s more like a double edged sword though, when you have a child that is petrified of the toothbrush and screams bloody murder about having her teeth brushed because it hurts, it hardly seems fair that we force her to brush her teeth which we all know is necessity, only to have her grow up with a deep rooted fear of brushing her teeth which is fast approaching I’m sure. The dentist referred us to a pediatric dental surgeon because as he put it, “we don’t want to have her come for multiple trips to the dentist and become afraid of us”.  Sorry but that’s exactly what they are telling me to do with the toothbrush.

So here we sit, awaiting a phone call from two different hospitals that still preform pediatric dental surgery and the wait time is up to a year, Crazy isn’t it. She could be done in the dental chair in 5 trips, endure the process and also learn the importance of brushing her teeth while being taught by someone other than mom or dad. I do understand their fears, I don’t agree with their fears at all. The fact of the matter is, they should have at least addressed a pressing tooth issue in Hanna’s mouth and attempted to fix it instead of passing the buck to a different dentist and instead of attempting to skirt the issue and simply send her to be put to sleep in a hospital room full of strangers where I’m not even allowed to hold her hand while she’s put under.

Our Dental Struggle

You know what I think? I think that the dentist should at least attempt to remedy the issue. At least this way not only my children but anybody’s kids learn the process of going to the dentist and the importance of regularly brushing their teeth as opposed to sending them to a hospital to be put to sleep and learning nothing. All of my other kids love the dentist and they have all had multiple trips to the dentist with their fair share of dental work and needles done. So we wait and keep trucking on with the struggle in hopes that her appointment is sooner rather than later and that we can work through her fear of the toothbrush once and for all.

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