My Kid’s New Favourite Toys

This post is in partnership with Dragon Imports. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% true.

Man how toys have come a long way since I was a little guy. There seems to be a toy now for every mood. Having 8 kids all under the age of 16, I couldn’t resist accepting an amazing package of assorted toys from Dragon Imports. With a huge spectrum of companies that they have on their list, this amazing package literally had a little something special for all of my kids (with the exception of my 15 year old). Mind you I’m sure they have a toy for him as well.

I was fortunate enough to receive toys ranging from Lumiluvs, to Wreck it Ralph, to Ranger Rob with some amazing Squeezamals and Micro Zoo toys and Spy X as well. Oh, and did I mention the incredibly cool Spy watch from Spy X that Justin won’t take off his wrist? Such an amazing assortment that my kids are getting incredible engagement time and less screen time since they arrived and that’s such a bonus for this dad.


These cute and fuzzy little creatures are like the ultimate stress ball for kids. Cute and cuddly on the outside, you can give them quite the squeeze to alleviate some of that ill gotten stress and it pops right back out at you for a little snuggle or squeeze all over again. These guys range in sizes from 8 inches down to a 2.5 inch clip on and come in a variety of styles both for boys and girls. They even have sequin Squeezamals which were immediately snatched up by both of my older daughters for their school bags. Guess the pressures of grade 6 and 7 are getting to them and these squeezamals are ready to help out.

Spy X Recon Watch:

The Spy X Recon Watch is everything Justin has ever wanted in a spy watch. This is an 8 in 1 watch with super cool features like a motion alarm, led spot light, world clock, message capsule, secret message paper, an alarm, stopwatch and all important time. With so many features wrapped up into one watch, Justin has been well engaged for hours running through the house being the little spy that only he can be. Definitely going to have to get the rest of the series for him that’s for sure.

Ranger Rob Chipper Vehicle:

Both my boys Jackson and Justin love watching Ranger Rob and now they have the perfect toy to accompany when they are watching the show. The Ranger Rob Chipper Vehicle comes with Ranger Rob and a Snowboard which is super cool for having the ranger break away from his chipper vehicle and do some crazy cool tricks. The back opens up to hold the snowboard and the wheels of the chipper fold down to become a hover craft too.

Micro Zoo toys:

These super small zoo toys are actually sitting on my wife’s desk at the moment. She opened them up and fell in love with them. I received two Micro Zoo toys, Sumatran Rhino and Okapi, which are the cutest little toys I have seen in a while. I was super surprised that J snatched them away so quickly. These little guys are a great addition to anyone’s stuffed animal collection or in my case, as an addition to my wife’s desk and work area. Totally the cutest little things ever.


By far Hanna’s favourite toys ever. There hasn’t been a day or night for that matter that she isn’t holding onto one of these guys for dear life. Kissing it and getting a good laugh out of it when it lights up making her light up as well. Kiss the belly and watch it light up. With a soft squeeze head, I have found this little wonder to be extremely durable and can handle the rough and tough side of Hanna. I received two of the Surprise pack Lumiluvs which just added even more to the excitement.

Wreck it Ralph:

Dare I say I wanted to keep this guy all to myself? Catch phrases like “I’m gonna wreck it” and others, this guy’s arms and legs thrash just like he’s wrecking it in the movie. When you push his stomach is when he speaks and he requires 3 aa batteries which conveniently come with him. His plastic shell makes for a very durable toy and he is a spot on replica of the character in the movie. I had no choice but to give him up to the younger kids and they haven’t let him go since. I play the movie often and without a doubt, either Jackson or Justin will be on the couch with Ralph at their side.

These are just some of the amazing toys from Dragon Imports. I am absolutely thrilled with the selection and variety of toys that are available for all kids of any age. If you’re looking for hours of engagement and fun for your kids outside of screen time, look no further. I promise, you’ll be as happy as I.

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