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This year for Christmas, why not celebrate with some of these Must Have Gifts from MGA? My kids all range in age from 15 to 7 mos. so needless to say the toys are usually all per individual and we don’t often find great group games and toys to play together. Recently, I was fortunate enough t0 receive the Social Star Board game and the LTXtreme Air Chargers 3 in 1 stunt loop playset. What a wonderful addition for our Christmas this year. Here’s why these are Must Have Gifts from MGA.

Social Star:

What a great board game for my girls who are 11 and 12. They have countless friends and quite often end up fighting more often than not. This game has actually brought these two little fighters together laughing and having a great time, more often than not. Having my girls glued to a board game rather than the actual apps on the phone is a big sigh of relief for this dad.

#SocialStar is the social media party game where players must climb the social ladder and gather likes in order to gain fame. Work your way up the game board by accepting challenges and dares that test your common skills and knowledge of pop culture. The more you impress, the more likes you will earn and the higher your chances of winning. Uncover whether you truly have what it takes to be the Star of Social Media.

The interactive pop-culture party game for 3-8 players
Players will find themselves strategically using like cards, challenge cards, and dare cards to climb the social ladder
Included Items:
  • Game board
  • 100 challenge cards
  • 100 like cards
  • 100 dare cards
  • 40 board tiles
  • 8 game pieces
  • 30 second timer
MSRP: $29.95
available at Chapters / Indigo online only. Or find it here.

LTXtreme Air Chargers 3 in 1 Stunt Loop:

Oh my gosh how these toys bring me back to my childhood. This stunt set is the perfect addition to my younger boys toy collection. It’s not very often that the boys can sit and play together without getting right into it and ending playtime altogether. My boys are actually playing together, laughing and having a heck of a good time seeing who can make the car jump higher, farther and faster. Even I get into with them from time to time. I rather enjoy them playing without me so I can focus on other things. Perfect gift for any kid who want some fun and excitement for hour upon hour.

  • Over 500+ mph scale speed
  • Race, stunt, jump and crash to victory!
  • Pump up your vehicle to complete the massive loop.
  • Adjust the landing ramp distance and test your air Chargers power for long distance jumps!
  • Connect pieces from your 3-n-1 stunt loop to other air Chargers sets to build and customize your track sets!
  • Comes with an exclusive car obtained only with this set.
MSRP: $57.99
Available here.
You may also want to add a couple of these other fantastic games from MGA as well.
.Air Wars Battle Drones. 
  • Battle with your remote controlled flying quad copter drone against an opponent to see who falls out of the sky, first!
  • 4 Attack Moves: Tornado Attack, 360 Spin Attack, Circle Attack, Ram Attack
  • Customizable weapons to help take down your rival
  • Durable framing and propellers enclosed for safe play
  • Includes 2 drones, 2 remotes, 10 weapons, 2-3.7v rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, charging cables, and 8 replacement propellers

MSRP: $71.99

available here.

Baby Born Mommy Make Me Feel Better Doll:

  • Baby Born mommy make Me better features lifelike ways to “cure” her.
  • Press her chest and hear her heart beat with the stethoscope
  • Press her back and she cries while her cheeks turn red. She stops crying when given her pacifier/thermometer. Red cheeks disappear when fed with the medicine spoon
  • Press her tummy and she laughs
  • Includes: soft body doll with pacifier/thermometer, medicine, stethoscope

MSRP: $59.99

available here.

Viro Rides: Free Style Hoverboard:

  • Self-balancing scooter with anti-slip foot pads, dual rubber tires with protective casing, bright LED lights and Bluetooth speakers that enables you to hook up your phone and play your favorite music
  • Features a rechargeable Lithium Ion 33V battery. Pedal force controllers for sharp turning, intuitive controls give the feet all the control
  • Cruise at speeds of 7 mph for a range of 6.5 Miles on a single charge
  • Check the digital monitor to view your battery power and speed. Care and Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
  • Minimum rider weight: 55 lbs, maximum rider weight: 220 lbs. UL Certified

MSRP: $372.99

available here.

I don’t know how far along you are with your christmas shopping, but I know for a fact that my kids are going to love the #SocialStar board game and the AirChargers 3 in 1 Stunt loop set. What are some of your favourite MGA toys this holiday season?

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