Library Road Trip

Wow, it’s been a little too long since I’ve posted. The end of school, Stupid summer colds knocking yours truly right on his butt, and settling in on the new summer schedule has kept this guy more than too busy. Summer around here is constant chaos and even with so many kids, toys and parks, the kids still seem to be just as bored as if they were to sit in a room with no toys. I had my fill this morning and have added to our routine, a Library Road Trip at least twice a week.I remember when I was young and would hop on my bike for a day at the library. That was long before computers or video games, where you really only had your friends to play with, books to read, and if you were lucky, 13 channels on the tube to watch. We usually pass the library daily on the way to grocery shop or hit up the dollar store as the Library is literally a five minute walk from door to door which after today’s Library Road Trip is extremely helpful. Oh boy, how the Library has changed since I was a kid. From computer labs to movie screenings for kids, our local Library has a whole lot of everything to do for kids and parents alike. Library Road Trip? Success!

Mia is down and out with a very nasty head cold today which allowed me to head on out with Jackson, Justin, and Hanna on our very first Library Road Trip but, she will be a fantastic addition on our upcoming adventures as she loves to sit and snuggle up with Mom or I and have a book read to her. The kids immediately found the kid’s area and were awstruck at all the things that were there for them to do on top of just the books. They even have a mini computer lab which had Jackson and Justin at first sight! I gave them a few minutes on the computers only because this Library Road Trip wasn’t about more screen time away from home, this Library Road Trip was all about the fun things to do while at the library.

Hanna was thrilled to be able to hang out on some over sized chairs with her two big bros and have Jackson read to her while she rocked a little. Justin had a blast rocking and sounding out the words in his book which I might add he did with so much more enthusiasm here than he has ever done at home. I will admit it right here, my kids have trouble reading. Be it at school or at home, it’s a tough go for them to say the least. My hope is that with continued Library Road Trips throughout the summer, the fear or whatever their issue is, will be mended by Summer’s end. I tell you though, they were giving it a good go in those over sized rockers that’s for sure.

After some intense sounding out of words and picture watching, we took a break for a little play time and some building at the activity area and for a change, actually played together as a team and not fighting with each other. However, it could be that the boys know the rules of a library and that you have to be silent (I like to think its just that they were having so much fun). This Library even has it’s very own Bearded Dragon in the middle of the library for all the kids to hang out and see. My kids got a real thrill out of it. It was quite cute but in all honesty, I will take a Burmese Python or Boa Constrictor any day. The lizard was totally what made the kids’ Library Road Trip a smashing success.Did I mention that they have an activity board for the month that is filled with tons of stuff for the kids and myself as well such as Friday Flix of various kids movies seen as a matinee and also an early evening showing. There is bead making and a plethora of other things that are certain to alleviate a tonne of the summer boredom that inevitably hits every home filled with kids. Enjoy your summer vacation and please please please, don’t forget about the Library!


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