Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo

What a fantastic summer this is turning out to be. Between my little garden and my neighbour’s generosity, this Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo has fast become a hit with the family (especially the younger kids). I have always worked in the restaurant industry so I like to eat this Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo often. I think for me it’s more like a comfort food.

I tend to do a lot of smaller-portioned snacks through the day and my kids loved this Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo so much, I’ve kept it around for a while now, pairing it with my wife’s incredible tortillas. I cut these tortillas and fry ’em up into chips and there’s a perfect snack. Seriously, try these tortillas.

This recipe is super simple and involves no cooking which is perfect for these last hot days of the summer. My older two girls are getting quite handy with their knife skills so I let them do a lot of the chopping. Gives me some extra cuddle time with Mia and other household chores. Having the girls taking care of some of the prep work for lunches and dinners has turned out to be somewhat of a blessing (with the exception of the worry of a missing finger).

Pico Piecing Performance:

  • Two vine ripened tomatoes
  • Two Jalapenos
  • One medium red onion
  • Two bunches flat parsley
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • dash of pepper

There really is no need for a how-to section for this amazing Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo, I chop my veggies a little rougher than a restaurant for my kids and they scarf it down like there is no tomorrow. What are some of your amazing no-cook veggie sides?

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Garden Fresh Pico De Gallo

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