10 Fun Father and Daughter Bonding Time Activities

If you’ve been a reader here for a little bit you probably read my 10 FUN FATHER AND SON BONDING TIME ACTIVITIES post I did back in May, well today I am bringing you 10 Father and Daughter bonding time activities.

I have 4 sons and I also have 4 daughters! It’s extremely important to me that we do some fun bonding time activities too as I want to be as involved in their lives as possible. I didn’t have that growing up. I’d really like to make sure my kids have a different experience than I did. My girls are fantastic, and although the youngest two are only two years old and three months old they can take part in most of these and if not yet, they will be able to soon.

10 Fun Father and Daughter Bonding Time Activities

  • Go Shopping: Boy, oh boy do my girls love shopping! Taking them to the mall for an hour or two one afternoon makes their whole week. It’s a great time to talk, help them pick out some clothes (that even I find appropriate) and just hang out.
  • Go to the movies: Every kid loves to go to the movies. Taking my girls to the movies gives us time to spend together watching movies we probably normally wouldn’t watch at home together, so my girls enjoy it – uninterrupted by the younger kids or boys who don’t like what they do.
  • Jump on a bike ride: We do this often but as a family, so taking the girls out alone gives them time to ride as quick as they want, and have fun without worrying of leaving little kiddos behind.
  • Head out for a walk: If your girls are like mine they love taking photos and going on walks helps give them time to snap photos and take in their surroundings, while also giving us a chance to chat.
  • Go out for ice cream: Ice cream is good no matter what time of year it is! Head out and grab some cones. Sitting at the ice cream parlor is a fun way to get out of the house, enjoy some delicious treats and enjoy each others company.
  • Head to a concert: My girls are a little bit older than my boys so a concert of their favourite pop band or youtuber may be a fun idea to get out and bond.
  • Do some crafts: My girls love being creative. They love making slime, and glittery messes so why not join them?
  • Cook together: This one made it on both lists. It’s fun having the kids in the kitchen. Bake some fun sweets or have them help cook a delicious meal! You get to spend time together while also teaching them and helping improve their cooking skills!
  • Explore a park: My girls love being outdoors. They love walks, hikes, bike rides and being outside doing anything. Heading to a park to walk around, hike and explore is a lot of fun for them and they love doing it.
  • Mani/Pedi: Sure some guys don’t like doing it – I get it – but even just being there in the waiting area, this is a fun idea to do with your girls and you could even make it a monthly thing to do together!

Any ideas here sound fun to you? What do you think a fun father/daughter bonding activity could be?

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