Flexo Fun in the Sun

This post is in partnership with Flexo. All opinions are as always, 100% mine and true.

Summer is just around the corner now and what a better way to start it off than with a little Flexo Fun in the Sun. Flexo,  you ask? Let’s just say that the Flexo construction blocks allow yours and your child’s creativity and imagination to reach the next level for sure. This summer is all about engagement and not so much about screen time or any other electronics that my kids seem to get sucked into in the colder months.I was fortunate in receiving 3 Flexo kits to assemble and let the kids play with. The Turtle, and 2 Free Play Inventor sets. I chose the Spider and the Trampoline. I must tell you right now that I am the furthest person from being mechanically inclined or “good with my hands” so taking on this adventure was both intimidating and exciting at the same time. I started with the turtle first thinking that there was the least amount of pieces and all will be well. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and everything was neat and easy to identify making the time to create the turtle both short and enjoyable.                                                  The construction blocks are held together by rubber tendons that are later locked to ensure that everything stays in place and that you get maximum flexibility and pliability as possible. The tendons range in lengths and are incredibly easy to connect (even for big handed and fingered dads like me). There is a special tool that comes with to aid you and your kids with creating some incredible inventions making this the perfect toy to totally engage your kids, help them with their fine motor skills and teach them that there really is no limit when using your imagination.                                              Justin and Hanna went nuts when I started building with the Flexo blocks and couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy some Flexo Fun in the Sun so they made quite sure to be handing me the pieces all throughout the building process. They immediately reached for the turtle and the spider upon completion and you guessed it, straight out into the backyard they went for a ton of playtime and laughs. There is nothing sweeter to this dad’s ears than that sweet sound of laughter from my kids. The engagement and time spent actually playing with the toys was amazing. The ball and trampoline aren’t quite indestructible but they are as close as you can get that’s for sure. The ball was thrown, kicked and stomped on more than once and it stood firm and in one piece as well as the trampoline having it’s fair share of items dropped on it without suffering any damage either.

I mentioned earlier that I’m not the most mechanically inclined person on the planet so, I stuck right to the instructions that are incredibly clear and concise and found on  youtube by the way with a fantastic tutorial for the build. The spider looked the hardest and I’ve got to say it was barely harder than making the turtle, just more pieces to the puzzle so to speak. Following the tutorial, I had all the toys built in under an hour each with the turtle and my first build, taking little more than 30 mins. Not too shabby for this guy I gotta say.I honestly couldn’t be happier with these toys and this summer is certainly going to be Flexo Fun in the Sun filled and enjoyed by all my younger kids for certain. These Flexo toys are rated for kids aged for 6+ and come with ample supplies to invent and create more than just one item of your imagination and the tendons are all fastened together making them extremely easy to identify and access too. Waterproof and great for the tub as well, Hanna and Justin are either in the tub playing with these or in the backyard with these toys close at hand.Are you ready for some Flexo Fun in the Sun like we are? You can find all your Flexo needs here





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