Father’s Day with the Carus Complete Carrier

This post is in partnership with Diono. All Opinions are as always, mine and 100% true.

I have been an avid baby wearer since Kyla was just a little thing and fell in love with the idea instantly. I’m spending this Father’s Day with the Carus Complete Carrier from Diono and I’m super stoked about it. My old carrier is wearing out and I can’t imagine wanting to carry around Mia in anything but the Carus Complete Carrier.                                                  The Diono Carus Complete Carrier features 3 carrying positions, detachable backpack with ample storage, optimal back support, and an extra pocket. With all this variety, I’m sure that Mia and I are gonna make some serious mileage this year and what better Father’s Day gift than the Carus Complete Carrier? I know for myself, this Father’s Day is going to be filled with baby wearing and some adventure too.

I have always had a carrier before that your could only parent face and back wear your baby so, when receiving the Carus Complete Carrier, I was super excited and pleased to be able to have the added option of having Mia world facing if I choose. Her being only 13 months, I may just hold off on the world facing option for a little bit longer. Purely out of selfishness for some of the best hugs a dad could ever want. The world facing option offers some serious support for Mia and she really seems to enjoy seeing what daddy sees. Mia’s hips and legs fit perfectly into an M position and the rest of her body is well supported.I spend most of my day on my feet and I find that Mia is at that age where she is a little more needy more often than she used to be and being able to back wear her around while I’m doing my thing is comforting not only for Mia but, for myself as well knowing that she’s snug and secure, extremely comfortable and safe, and can sleep if she needs or just hang out with dad. Man, what a great gift for and dad this Father’s Day. With clips that are removable, the Carus Complete Carrier easily transforms from a parent facing carrier into a super comfortable back wearing experience for both dad and baby. Great for cleaning around the house, or doing some outside chores too.I can’t speak for any other dads out there but, parent facing has got to be my all time favourite position and has been since I can remember. There is nothing like that closeness with my baby. With adjustable flaps at the bottom of the seat, Mia’s legs are assured to be positioned properly and maximizing on her comfort and safety as well. There is ample back support while parent and world carrying which means only one thing. More time to bond, explore or just hang out.Having a sizable and sturdy removable back pack that also carries a full pack of wipes just adds to the list of why this is a must have and a favourite on my gift list. There is plenty of storage along with the pack itself as the Carus Complete Carrier also has a nice sized storage compartment along the belt and a pocket that holds the hood as well. I am totally impressed with the comfort, design and function of the Carus Complete Carrier knowing that Mia is safe, comfortable, and ready for any adventure that may fall our way. Let’s not forget about the fantastic touch pocket too.

Carus Complete Carrier Features:

  • Birth to back (up to 33 lbs)
  • Infant insert and wedge
  • Detachable back pack
  • Hip healthy
  • Head support
  • Touch pocket
  • Adjustable pod
  • Back Support
  • Ergonomic seating

Now that is a lot of features. What an incredible carrier to help maximize the bond between baby and daddy, create some incredible memories and adventures too. This is definitely that Father’s Day gift that will keep on giving for quite some time. Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing dads out there. You can find this perfect Father’s Day gift here.




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