Essential Baby and Toddler Products for Dad at Home

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with PTPA and Phillips. As always, all opinions are 100% mine and true.

I remember the day as if it was just yesterday. Jeanine strolling into the living room, nudging me and whispering in my ear, “We’re gonna have another one”. Already having seven kids, you’d think that I could take just about anything. Yeah, go recheck your hat at the door. My jaw hit the floor, hand slapped the head, and then reality set in. I wanted to play a huge role this time being a new fulltime SAHD. I quickly started brainstorming essentials for dads at home.

We have always been a big Philips Avent family – we’ve been using their products since having our first child – I’m always looking for products that are easy, quick and hassle-free. With six kids in school and two girls that wake up insanely early every day, I need products that are easy to use and clean. Mama works hard from home every day, so I tend to both little girls during the day –any products that can help make my life a little easier I’m all for. Thankfully, Philips Avent, has us covered!

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

We don’t use bottles often as Mia, who just turned seven months old as of November 1st, is strictly breastfed; however, the odd time Mama has a meeting or I just want to feed Mia, we have some pumped milk on hand. The Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer is an easy and effective way to sterilize our bottles (nipples and all) without having to do all the work myself, which means more daddy and girls time.The sterilizer will keep its contents (baby bottles, soothers, nipples, etc.) sterile for up for up 24 hours if the lid is left unopened. The sterilization cycle is rather quick at just six minutes and switches off automatically so you don’t have to worry about safety or using extra energy.For a sterilizer it’s a generous size -it can hold up to six 11oz bottles at once. It also is designed to fit both standard and wide neck baby bottles as well as different accessories.

Philips Avent My First Big Kid Cup

Hanna is just over two and she’s at that all-important transitional stage of going from bottle to cup. She loves her bottle and thinks that a regular cup should work the same way, which always leaves her wearing the contents instead of drinking them. The Philips Avent “My First Big Kid Cup” is just the cup for her.
While Hanna is learning to be independent, she still requires more attention. While she may seem like a big girl, she’s still only two years old. A messy little one, Philips Avent’s My Big Kid Cup helps her keep liquid inside the cup.
These cups also allow for healthy oral development, are an easy transition to grown up drinking and allow the little ones to drink from 360-degrees around the rim –  just like an open cup!
This innovative cup also includes easy-grip handles to help your toddler grasp the cup, as well as a snap-on lid to prevent leaks. The Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup holds up to nine fluid ounces, is dishwasher-safe, and is BPA-free. Ideal for toddlers ages 12 months and older, this two-pack includes one green or blue cup.

Philips Avent Bottles

Clinical studies have shown that the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle with AirFree Vent  reduces colic and fussing. Babies fed with Philips Avent anti-colic bottles experienced 60% less fussing than babies fed with a leading competitor’s vented bottle. While Mia doesn’t really take a bottle at the moment, we did use the Avent Anti-Colic Bottles with Hanna when she was done breastfeeding and still not ready for a big cup! We really enjoyed these bottles and so did Hanna. Even though there are so many bottles on the market we always choose Philips Avent. Why? The unique AirFree vent is designed to help your baby swallow less air as they drink. Reducing the amount of air your baby ingests helps with feeding issues and colic/gas. Being a stay at home dad has been one of the greatest gifts –  next to being a dad- I could’ve ever imagined. While these essentials are helpful for any parent, as a stay at home dad I really appreciate them and will always keep them on my list!

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