How to Encourage Your Preschooler to Try New Things

Hanna isn’t quite three yet, so she still has a little bit o time before she starts school with the big kids. Here in Ontario once they hit age 4 they register for Junior Kindergarten and age 5 is Senior Kindergarten then they start grade 1 and up. Hanna will be three in August and although she acts and may think she is four she still has a little ways to go. So, this brings me to How to Encourage Your Preschooler to Try New Things.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to encourage her to try new things and explore the world of numbers and letters. Having so many older kids gives us the opportunity to have Hanna involved in a variety of different activities we may not think of or try if she would be the only child.

So, I’m going to share with you how we are encouraging our preschooler to try new things!

  • Have her watch and learn: Not only can she watch and learn from us she can also do this with her siblings. With a wide range of ages 15-11 months this makes it easy and actually keeps her engaged, and interested.
  • Have her step out of her comfort zone: At age 2.5 she already has developed a small (but mighty) comfort zone. Having her step out of that and doing things by herself or with just one sibling, can help encourage her to try newer things.
  • Encourage her to play alone: This is something extremely new. She loves playing with her siblings and when they are at school she often follow mom and dad around, so encouraging her to play by herself quickly is something new she can tackle. This will also help her explore the world of play and imagination on her own.
  • Find new things for her to do: We can’t just expect her to think of new things to do and learn, we need to help encourage her so finding new ideas and introducing her helps encourage her to try something new.
  • Play Groups: Recently we’ve been talking about bringing her to a playgroup once a week so she can play with kids her own age. She will be able to see others her own age playing and exploring and be able to try some new things herself.

Of course, kids are all different. You won’t find any that are the same, so what may work for one may not work for another. Helping encourage our preschoolers to try new things is something that is very important for their growth and development.

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