DIY Mosaic Pot Coasters

Do you often find yourself looking for your oven mitts only to find them underneath an already piping hot pot or baking dish? I have that problem every day of my life. These super easy DIY Mosaic Pot Coasters have fast become my lifesavers. I always used to laugh at my mom for having these Pot Coasters and yet, here I am.

If I haven’t told you already, I am by no means a crafty person. Art and I have a long love/ hate relationship (I love to hate it) so I was quite mindblown when these amazing little Pot Coasters were all dried and ready for use. I have never been one to colour or stay in the lines and using a paintbrush just adds to my artistic stress. I did make proper lines and patterns to follow to aide me in any way possible. I’m so glad that I did. They aren’t perfect and I don’t want them perfect. This speaks to me and tells me that its filled with love. That’s all I need.

I had to test my coasters out post haste so I made up a little two-person Creamy Two Timing Pasta and away I went. Handled the heat of 350 right out of the oven baking dish with no problems at all. I finished these coasters with a clear coat spray and I’ve got to tell you, I’m super impressed.

Not a scratch on it! So let’s get you going on this relaxing and fun little project.

Pot Coaster Needs:

  • 1 roll cork
  • Black Sharpie
  • 5-6 different colour paints
  • straight edge
  • clear coat spray
  • paintbrush pack
  • side plate to trace
  • scissors

There really is not a lot of need to tell you what to do after you trace and cut out your circle. It’s an empty canvas for you do with what you will. For this project, I base coated one with white paint and one with brown. J cut out the circles for me because well, I tried and it was an epic fail. so that helped out a ton. I went a little crazy on the shapes, forgetting that I had to paint within the lines. These DIY Pot Coasters are just what I needed and I’m so happy to have my oven mitts where I need them.

What are some of your favourite Kitchen Accessory DIY’s?



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