DIY Fall Wreath

Now that Fall is in full swing, the leaves have started to turn, the air is a lot crisper and Nature’s full beauty is upon us. This DIY Fall Wreath is a perfect addition to anyone’s door or wall for that matter. Quick and easy with led lights included, even this not so crafty guy made it look pretty.When I was younger, I had really hard times with anything that was art/craft related. I never grasped that straight line drawing skill that all my friends seemed to have. Nor did I have a creative side that would permit me to create fun and stylish crafts like this DIY Fall Wreath. There were many failed assignments, a few tears shed, and an amazing art teacher that refused to let me fail. She once even made me put my hand on top of hers just to draw a simple Trillium flower (yes, sadly it was that bad).Needless to say, I still can’t draw a straight line for the life of me and let’s just say that the crafty side is very sporadic and shotty at best. This my friends, this is one of my best crafty days. For some universal reason no doubt, everything worked out perfectly and even J was impressed at the end result of this amazing DIY Fall Wreath. A true skeptic in the beginning she was, but as the lights went on and the leaves started to cover the base of the wreath, a smile appeared. That smile my friends was the smile of, “Holy Crap he actually made it look beautiful”. There were no words needed for this, I knew this DIY Fall Wreath was door hangable and I was pretty damn proud (yeah, it takes very little for me to get giddy like a school kid).My kids I think were even more impressed that their not so creative nor artsy dad could make anything pretty. Especially a DIY Fall Wreath that actually lights up! Many a child of mine has taken this wreath and worn it all lit up around their necks. Cutest thing ever if I don’t say so myself. So why don’t we get down to this now and I’ll tell you what I used for my little masterpiece.

DIY Fall Wreath Essentials:

  • Styrofoam 9-inch wreath base
  • Dollar Tree 4 ft led lights
  • Dollar Tree assorted leaf packs x 2
  • Dollar Tree Fake Flowers x2
  • Hot Glue Gun

Let the Gluing begin:

  1. Heat up your glue gun with a fresh glue stick.
  2. Cut the 4 Flowers off the stems and glue them to the 12,3,6 and 9 positions.
  3. Tack the lights and wrap around the base of the wreath and glue to fasten (best when the lights are on).
  4. Starting at the right side of the flower of 12, glue your first leaf and lift the side to place your other leaf just under the first leaf.
  5. continue this process until your wreath is complete.That’s it my friends. A very cute and affordable DIY Fall Wreath that literally cost about $3 and leaves plenty of extras for other incredible and fun Arts and Craft projects.

What are some of your favourite Fall DIY’s?

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