Cruisin with the Diono Flexa Stroller

I’m not too sure if I’ve ever told you that we don’t drive in our household which means that this dad walks a ton with the kids. Whether it be to and from school, to the store or the park, my little ones love Cruisin with the Diono Flexa Stroller. Having as many kids as we do and, the closeness in age means we need a rugged and functional stroller with ample storage, lightweight, easy to use and you bet ya, stylish as well. The Diono Flexa Stroller offers all of this and so much more!Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Diono Canada. As always, opinions are all my own.

When I was offered the Diono Flexa Stroller, I jumped at the chance as we have two of their car seats and are aware of the exemplary craftsmanship put into every product. That and I need a stroller that can handle  a lot of daily travel and use without having to worry about how much weight I can cart around or that the wheels won’t fall off while cutting across the field while enroute to the grocery store for a bag of milk and such. The Flexa stands up to any challenges that comes our way and it stands strong.

There are so many bonuses that come with the stroller such as the independent adjustable handlebars which make for some incredibly cute and fun walks with Hanna who is now at the age where she wants to be a part of absolutely anything and everything. Having the ability to lower one of the handlebars down to a level where she can hold it and we can walk side by side is something special not only for her but for this dad too. J loves the ease of use and the adjustable handlebars as well and she takes it out every chance she gets with either one of the girls quite often.                           

The Diono Flexa Stroller is a fully functioning stroller meant to be used from birth up to 50 lbs which is perfect for this on the move dad as when I’m wearing Mia, Hanna is enjoying the ride in this stroller that is roomy like a full sized stroller but compact enough to fit into the tightest of places like the bus and it takes up the smallest amount of space which makes me feel better when I do have to travel a fair distance.The stroller is designed to stand on its own when not in use and it literally takes up no space at all once it is closed and the chassis and front wheels are locked. This is such a blessing in my garage as it gets quite cluttered with everything else from such a large family that I can safely tuck it away in the corner and with the flick of the chassis lock, I can be on my way in under a minute which is a huge bonus for those hectic school mornings or when running late.

The Flexa comes with a paparazzi canopy boasting a mesh see through opening to check on the precious cargo and a fully adjustable and reclining back which is perfect for the girls to catch a nap in comfort when needed and pairing that with the adjustable foot rest, it’s like a bed on wheels. Where were these when I was a kid? You can find the Flexa here.

Everything about the Diono Flexa Stroller is ease of use and comfort for the baby which not only gives me great peace of mine, but the confidence to go a little further,not worry about nap time, picking up the few extra items needed from the grocery store… Weighing in at just 22 lbs, I have found it extremely easy to not only operate with one hand, but to open and close the stroller while carrying Mia or Hanna in the other. Just what this daddy needed.The rain cover proves to be extremely effective as Hanna and I found very quick the other day as we were caught in a thunderstorm that was insane. The cover is as most, self explanatory and even covered Hanna’s feet snugly as well as the rest of her having velcro ties from the bottom to the top of the stroller keeping Hanna dry and fully protected from all the elements. I really couldn’t ask for much more than that and it is a staple in the bottom of the basket around these parts as fall brings us tonnes of rain.

Diono Flexa Features:

  • Use from birth to 50lbs
  • 5 point harness
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Paparazzi style Canopy
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Harness and Buckle Pads
  • Stroller and Chassis lock
  • Seat Recline Adjuster
  • Basket
  • Rain Cover
  • Front wheel lock
  • one touch brake

The Diono Flexa Stroller has so much to offer new and old parents that once you have it, you’ll want to be out and about all the time. Being a huge coffee drinker, I was a little taken aback that there wasn’t a cup holder and the holder I have for their other stroller is not interchangeable. As well, there is a large basket attached to the undercarriage that will hold a fair share but, the support bars prohibit unobstructed usage for larger items or in my case, bags of milk. At the end of the day however, this stroller is by far the best stroller I have had the privilege to use. Come check it out here.

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