Creating Father’s Day Memories

This post is in partnership with Fujifilm. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% true.

This year, Creating Father’s Day Memories has become so much easier thanks to the help of Fujifilm’s Printlife. When I was growing up, there was no other alternatives for a myself and my siblings but to endure photo after photo, drive to the photo shop to have the pictures developed, wait sometimes up to a week for the pictures to come back, and finally if we were lucky, that hilarious picture of me hanging upside down from a tree would only make it into the photo album, not the wall.                                                 This Father’s Day, I have been fortunate enough to receive a gift card from Fujifilm Printlife to capture all of my memories that matter for generations to come. Having such a large family makes for some incredibly memorable and cherished times that really need to be captured on a photo and I gotta tell you, we have had many over here. Creating Father’s Day Memories this year is simple and at the click of a button using Printlife from Fujifilm.There are so many options and combinations that you can create on the Fujifilm Printlife site that there is definitely a memory waiting to be created for any father’s tastes and needs. For myself, I’m all about the silly and adventerous photos. I love seeing all my kids together, happy and smiling. That brings me some serious joy and it is these kinds of memories that I am able to organize, share and preserve these special memories for generations to come thanks to FujiFilm Printlife. There are so many options for pictures, collages, posters, canvases, water bottles, photo books, and the list goes on. Getting excited yet to start Creating Father’s Day Memories too?I chose a few options that not only will be cherished on my wall, but as a take along as well. I chose the printed water bottle, the 4×4 soft cover photo book, the 6×6 metal photo and a 12×18 collage print to start Creating Father’s Day Memories. I moved around quite a bit when I was younger and that being said, I misplaced most of my photos along the way. I don’t think any of us really appreciated the value and memories that were created when we were growing up and just as adamant as my kids are about having there picture taken. These pictures will be a perfect gift for my kids they are older and this will also make the perfect gift for them as they get older.The Fujifilm Printlife site is extremely easy to navigate and I found that there were plenty of options for all of your memory creating needs. I was expecting a much longer wait than what I got as I ordered on a friday afternoon and all but my photobook had arrived on Monday morning (the photobook arrived tuesday morning). Super easy, super quick? If you or someone you’re close to is looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift or for any other occasion, you can order from hereMy kids like perhaps some of yours may not appreciate the value of creating these memories and say they aren’t important as did I, but my memories and cherished moments will definitely be passed along thanks to Fujifilm Printlife. Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there and enjoy your day. You Deserve It!

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