Crate Creatures Toy Review


I don’t know about you and your kids, but my kids go crazy over spooky, screaming toys that you can throw, feed and generally create a little havoc with. These Crate Creature  Toys certainly fill the bill when it comes to being Halloween Spooky and is a perfect alternative to the traditional trick or treating scenario where it’s all about the candy.Let’s face it, I bake. I bake a ton daily. Candy is great in moderation, but how can you really regulate it or not lose track of what your children are eating out of their candy stash every day? Problem solved with these fantastic  Crate Creature Toys. There are three different assortments of these great toys which include the Crate Creatures Flingers, the Crate Creature, and the Crate Creature Big Blowout. Talk about a perfect variety for the many little ones I have. We were fortunate enough to receive two of the flingers and one of the Crate Creatures. My kids were instantly hooked and still are! Justin took one of the flingers to bed with him last night and had a really hard time letting it go for school. Now that’s a great toy.

 We were fortunate enough to receive two of the Crate Creatures flingers and one of the larger Crate Creatures. We received “Sizzle” as our Crate Creature. He loves marshmallows, can flap his wings and is generally cutely gross and spooky all around. If you press Sizzle’s stomach, you can record a Yak Bak for your monster to bark back at you in the most obnoxious way. This little guy’s wings flap when you pump the tail and he makes for hours of entertainment and enjoyment for my little kids. Even my two year old gets down and dirty with these Crate Creature Toys. With over 45 super monstrously cool sounds and other effects, how could your kid not love this amazing and spooky Halloween toy? You can check these guys out here.

We also received two of the Crate Creature Toy Flingers. These smaller versions are equally gross and spooky and their packaging totally doubles as a game board for maximum fun and entertainment. Get ready for a spookily gross game of aim and point collecting guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for hours at a time. These little guys are meant to fling em, bash em, and smash em. Not only do they make gross noises when you pull their tongues, they also make noises when they hit the ground. Even I had a blast.

Crate Creatures Features:

MSRP: $59.99
Age Recommendation: 4+
Retail Availability: Toys “R” Us, Walmart and Indigo

Crate Creatures are fun interactive pets that you unleash from their cage to
find out which special features they have. Break into the crate to unleash your
new beast friend. All you need to do is use the crowbar to pop the lock. Pull
their tongue for monstrosly fun and gross noises and watch as the creature
vibrates and it’s eyes start glowing. You can also turn them upside down to
see what they are capable of. Record yak back phrases with your Crate
Creatures. Each creature comes with its favourite food, which unlocks
chomping sounds when placed in its mouth. Over 45 creature sounds

Crate Creature Flingers Features:

MSRP: $16.99
Age Recommendation: 4+
Retail Availability: Toys “R” Us, Walmart and Indigo

Break your Crate Creatures Flingers out of their boxes, pull their tongues and
launch them for monstrously fun sounds and interactions. Each Flinger has
unique sounds and noises, as well as a light up stomach when you interact
with them. Fling them to your friends in a game of catch, use them to knock
down targets, or fling them into one another for hilarious noises!
Pull your Flingers tongue, hold onto the body, pulling it back like you would
shoot a rubber band, and LET THEM FLY! Your Flingers packaging doubles
as a target, so shoot for the highest score against your friends!So, after playing with these fantastic creatures for a bit and taking some really fun pictures of my kiddos loving them, an attempt to fling was made with one of the flingers and the poor little thing’s tongue fell off and Sizzle’s air pouch in his tail disconnected. Luckily, I was able to reconnect the sac and haven’t had any issues since. All in all, these are really cool and fun alternatives to the candy philosophy of Halloween and my kids will be enjoying these toys for a long time.


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