Brunch With the Breville Smoking Gun

This post is in partnership with Breville Canada. All opinions are 100% mine and true.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to receive the Breville Smoking Gun to create an awesome review and see what this Gun can really do. Impressed you ask? I am so impressed, I can’t wait for full time warm weather to give the Smoking Gun a summer full of smoking. What better way though to test out this accessory than to make Brunch With the Breville Smoking Gun? From the Caesar to the Veggies to the Hollandaise, almost every item on the brunch menu was smoked.

It’s not often that I have the opportunity to make such an incredibly tasty and decadent brunch such as the Mesquite Smoked Caesar with smoked asparagus and Havarti cheese ( Both Smoked Mesquite as well) to accompany my Apple wood smoked Ham Benny with Smoked asparagus, tomatoes and cheese as well. I was simply amazed at how flavour packed Brunch With the Breville Smoking Gun was really going to be. Like smoked hollandaise? Never would have thunk it yet here we are.The Breville Smoking Gun is extremely simple in its method making it the perfect accessory for any level of cook. This opens up a whole new world for the little chefs among us. With two variable speeds for the fan, you can control how much smoke you are incorporating into your choice of meats, veggies, fruits and dairy. The rubber hose is long enough to reach into a pitcher if you’re like me and smoke the entire pitcher of Caesars, I tell you it is a blessing.

It doesn’t take that much wood to be able to smoke some of your favourite foods as I soon learned whilst smoking my cheese and asparagus for our Caesars. The smoke is instant and as long as you get a good seal on the container you are using to smoke with, you can smoke or as short or as long as you’d like. I personally smoked the cheese and asparagus for the drinks about a minute and a half while for the benny, I chose to leave the smoke in for a little while longer. More like 2 – 2 1/2 mins. The hollandaise sauce I smoked for about 3 minutes and it was very apparent yet not overwhelming in any sense. A perfect addition to an already incredible sauce.

The Box includes two trial size woodchips (hickory and applewood), comes with 4 aa batteries, has a removable rubber hose and smoke chamber with a wide and sturdy base making it a stand alone unit while you  maneuver the hose where you need the smoke. A perfect addition to any kitchen or backyard patio the Breville Smoking Gun will be well loved and well used in our house as it should be in yours as well. An Incredible addition with incredible results. You can find your Breville Smoking Gun here.



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