Boo Your Neighbours

This Halloween we’ve decided to try something a little out of the norm for us. This year we are going to play a game called “You’ve been booed”. Nothing says Halloween spirit more than to Boo Your Neighbours.

When we discussed the idea with the kids, they were all super excited to take part in this game. All of their friends live within a couple of streets of us so, there were more than a couple of these boo baskets being made.

The idea is simple. Print off this incredible printable here. Fill up your “Boo Baskets” with anything you’d like and get ready to Boo! Choose two of your neighbors and secretly “Boo” them making sure to leave the you/we’ve been booed signs.

We chose Jayden and Kyla’s friends’ houses. Halloween loving families that I’m certain will play along and if all goes well, create a new Halloween tradition. We will definitely be doing this every Halloween from now on. This is by no means an alternative for the actual trick or treating, more of a precursor to Halloween that gets the whole family involved. My youngest son Justin wants to do it to his classroom. I think that’s a wonderful idea.

Would you and your kids not love to “Boo” and get “Booed”?

Boo Your Neighbours

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