Well hello there! Where to begin is my only question right now! I am the proud Dad of 8 of the most incredible kids ever. I recently became a fulltime SAHD and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it. I spent my entire life inside of restaurants and bars, fancy and some not so endearing to the eye but none the less, it has made me into who I am sitting here today and I am fine with that!

My wife is my rock. When I was down, she was holding me up, she has supported any and every move or decision I have made (bad or good) and will always be the voice of reason. She has given me 8 of the greatest gifts any person could ever ask for and her love knows no bounds. I know for a fact she is the reason I am at this computer today and I am eternally grateful to have her by my side, as my bestie. That’s my drive right there in the first two paragraphs.

Me? I am loving this SAHD thing. I treat it like work with schedule that I control and I finally get the relationship with my kids I’ve always wanted. My favourite place in my house is my kitchen, I love to cook, bake and generally make a big mess with some killer creations at the end. I am steadfast in my thinking that if its bought in a store, I can make it. Not only make it but make it better, cheaper and teach my kids the most valuable life skill outside of fire. Self preservation and sustainability. My Grandmother taught me very basic kitchen skills and recipes. I have cherished these recipes and am now taking what I know and love and throwing it out there for you all to read.

Enough about me, let’s get ready to take a crazy, creative adventure full of food, DIY projects, Pets and my other favourite, Parenting.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Enjoy!