A Gazillion Bubbles Blowing

This post is in partnership with Funrise toys. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% true.

Now that we are finally starting to get some consistently nice days, what better way than to start off the warm weather by getting A Gazillion Bubbles Blowing? I think I like bubbles as much as my kids do and they have been a favourite past time since Jordan was young. As we are well on our way to A Gazillion Bubbles Blowing, the innovation and inspiration behind the toys has changed as well making for some incredible engagement for the kids with hours of fun too.

With Mia almost 14 months and curious about absolutely everything, trying desperately to master that crazy art of walking and Hanna being so passionate about her bubble blowing, A Gazillion Bubbles Blowing will be moving forward much quicker this season. I was fortunate in receiving the Bubble Rush and the Bubble Cycle toys new to Funrise and an amazing addition to the incredible toys already released by Gazillion.

Hanna is turning 3 this year and her love affair with everything bubbles really began last summer with some of the other bubble toys that Gazillion has to offer and even this winter she wanted to bundle up and brave the cold to blow some bubbles. The Bubble Cycle is perfect for Hanna as it is aged at 3+ and she is rather tall so it works out well. This Bubble Cycle is extremely light weight, easy to maneuver, and has a spill proof bubble container making it great for the back yard or even the front yard. Fill up the bubble container and let your kiddo rip around outside making and chasing bubbles at the same time. No batteries are needed for this awesome toy as its powered by kiddo power saving money and batteries. You can find yours here

Bubble Rush has got to be the perfect addition to our bubble toy collection as Mia has totally fallen in love with the bubbles as well. This toy spurts out copious amounts of bubbles with a reservoir for spilled bubble liquid, definitely making every bubble blown count. Mia gets so engaged with the Bubble Rush bubbles that you can literally feel the concentration oozing from her. Now that’s one great toy if I don’t say so myself. Hanna loves it too since she doesn’t need to move that far to grab at and pop all her beloved bubbles. You can find yours here

With all the engagement and laughter that these two toys bring, this summer is going to filled with a ton of memorable moments as we climb our way closer to A Gazillion Bubbles Blown. While you get to garden, your kids can be totally entertained by the fantastic Bubble Cycle and the Bubble Rush this season leaving you more time for those amazing fruits and vegetables!

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