3 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues

This winter has been very grey and is taking its toll on all of us around here. There is nothing worse on these very short days than not feeling yourself and becoming gloomy like the weather. These 3 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues have helped me out more times than not.

1. Barbecue or inside grill dinner.

I have always called myself a summer-minded person. I love the heat, love the sun and it isn’t very often that I’m not standing over the grill in the hotter months. That being said, I find that braving the cold to bbq up some memories of the summer past or even using an indoor grill, is a fantastically,spirit-lifting way to shake those winter blues right off your back. The mood around the table during our grilled dinner on a grey and miserable winter’s day becomes filled with laughter and a ton of smiles. The blues and the weather seem to just disappear for dinner and it has quite a lasting effect too. This is one of my favourite cures.

2. Find a park and go for a nature walk.

There is nothing worse than having a house full of kids with cabin fever. Yes, the kids get to play out in the yard at school during their school day but, when they get home and it’s the weekend, cabin fever can set in quite quickly. Having grey skies and subzero temperatures tends to make us want to stay warm inside and avoid going out if not necessary. We have a couple of parks nearby and yes, it’s pretty cold at first and everybody is pretty grumpy at first. Until the swings and slides appear and wooded area where the kids know they can let loose and run, jump, and roll in the snow until their little hearts are all content. The peacefulness of the woods, the grumpiness turning into sounds of joy and delight is certain to lift anyone’s spirits and kick those winter blues. I know it does for me and my family.

3. Take a Mandatory Me Break.

This is probably the best and easiest way to kick the Winter Blues. Run yourself a hot bath, bundle up in your favourite loungewear and pamper. Yes, even us men need some pampering too. Do whatever you need to, or want to do that will make you feel happy and relaxed. There is nothing better than being a little selfish in order for you to be happy and in great spirits. I prefer to lounge around and watch a movie or two, bake a sweet or two and sometimes even sneak in a nap with Mia and Hanna.

That’s it. My 3 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues. Essentially effortless ways to get your entire family engaged in some great food and fun or that just for you time. What are some of your ways to Kick the Winter Blues?

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