2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the home of the Holiday Gift Guide here on Six Time Daddy. 2018 will be the first year and I look forward to sharing all the amazing products I’ve tried over the past year that I think will be an amazing addition to your Holiday shopping list!

If I haven’t reviewed your products yet and you’d like your product to be considered for Six Time Daddy’s 1st Holiday Gift Guide please contact me asap! sixtimedaddy@gmail.com (please note: I am in Canada)


The Herodrive Batman Racer is the ultimate Batman vehicle for little hands. This exciting motorized vehicle features lights, engine sounds, and music that bring the action to life! Transform the vehicle into race mode by pushing the windshield forward to make the wings pop out. Push the logo on the hood for unique Batman sounds, then push it again to send the Batman Racer racing forward with its cape flying behind! Batteries included.

The Herodrive Mash Machines are mash-ups of your favorite DC Super Friends with rescue and urban vehicles! These adorable character cars come equipped with flashing lights and character- appropriate sounds. Push the symbol on the front grill to start the action! Batteries included.

The Sunny Bunnies blast off in an acrobatic adventure with this exciting playset! Push the launch button to see Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper soar out of the cannon. Will your favourite bunny be the one to fly the farthest? The Bunny Blast Playset includes 1 Bunny Blast Cannon and all 5 Sunny Bunnies.

The Sunny Bunnies light up and bounce toys are now available as bouncing balls of light! Soft and springy Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper each light up when bounce or shake them! Made of super-soft plush, these bouncing balls are perfect for little hand and tons of fun! Collect them all! Batteries included.

Ready 2 Robot singles – Which Bot Brawler will you get? Unbox your parts, build your Mechbot and insert your pilot for battle. Mix and match your Bot Brawlers to build bigger battles! Includes: 1 Mechbot, 1 Pilot, 1 Slime Canister

Ready 2 Robot Battle Pack – Battle right out of the box with 2 Mechbots and weapons included! Build your Mechbots, insert your pilots and create epic battles. Mix and match your weapons and bots for customized battles! Includes: 2 Mechbots, 2 Pilots and weapons to build battles.

Crate Creatures are fun interactive pets that you unleash from their cage to find out which special features they have. Break into the crate to unleash your new beast friend. All you need to do is use the crowbar to pop the lock. Pull their tongue for monstrously fun and gross noises and watch as the creature vibrates and it’s eyes start glowing. You can also turn them upside down to see what they are capable of. Record yak back phrases with your Crate Creatures. Each creature comes with its favourite food, which unlocks chomping sounds when placed in its mouth. Over 45 creature sounds available.

This adorable back-chattin’ YakBot can: Record your voice, Warp your voice (4 cool effects – Pitch Shift, Reverse, Robot, Echo), Answer your questions and Prank your friends. This “Yak Bot” is the perfect toy for any child 5 – 9. Sure to be a hit in your home, the yakbot is a fun addition kids everywhere will be talking about all holiday season!

Treasure X comes as a single game or you can also purchase as an exclusive 3 pack as well. Three times the fun right? Conveniently called the “Legends of Treasure”, they have made this all the more fun for multiple kids to get in the action for some serious treasure hunting and a ton of fun.

The Legends of Treasure Set contains 3 Treasure blocks for you to reveal. Inside one of these blocks you are guaranteed to find a REAL Gold Dipped Treasure! As you explore the 10 levels of adventure, you will also discover 3 legendary golden hunters! Which golden treasure hunters will you find? There are 9 hunters to collect from the Legends of Treasure Sets!


With so many hidden features that most people would never even consider thinking of, like the “Green Smoothie” function that’s designed to blend whole fruits, veggies and ice to a perfect smoothie consistency that’s amazingly chunk free and icy cold. Or how about the incredibly powerful motor that runs this “Boss” Blender? 1500 watts of blending power at your fingertips. The list is almost endless, they even give you a spatula for extra ease of use.

This countertop meat slicer from Hamilton Beach is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. With its 7.5 inch rotary blade and multi-thickness turn-style, finding the perfect thickness was a snap.

  • 7½ inch stainless steel rotary blade
  • Adjustable thickness settings from deli thin to over ½” thick
  • Sturdy base and suction cup feet ensure stable & safe operation
  • Powerful 200-watt motor